• Keyboard Mechanical Zeroground KB-2400G TAIGEN v2.0

Aluminium Gaming MECHANICAL Keyboard KB-2400G TAIGEN V2.0 Get a higher precision on your keystrokes with TAIGEN Ultra comfort, outstanding performance and attractive appearance ,excellent touch. Packed with gaming features and good looks, TAIGEN is designed to provide everything gamers need at a price that won't break the bank. Customizes led colours- 6 keys modes LED back light illumination 1.5m nylon cable USB 2.0 golden plated connector material : ABS



Size: 444(L) x 205(W) x 39(H) mm
weight : 863gr
Keys : 104
Operation force : 55 ± 7gr max
Maximum use life : 20 million keystrokes
Connection : USB
Compatible with : Windows 2000/xp/vista/2003/2007/win7/win8/win10/mac

Μοντέλο KB-2400G TAIGEN v2.0
Κατασκευαστής ZEROGROUND
Layout English
Χρώμα Black
Σύνδεση USB 2.0
Εγγύηση 2ETH

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Keyboard Mechanical Zeroground KB-2400G TAIGEN v2.0

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