WK BINGI Bluetooth Headset BLUETOOTH EARPHONE BS500 Wireless Headset Connectivity via Bluetooth Suitable for those who want to exercise, listen to music, drive lightweight and durable. It comes with HD Voice technology for excellent sound quality, crystal clear sound and has buttons for turn on and off..


Support for voice commands between smartphones supporting both iOS and Android.
Connection distance up to 10 meters
Bluetooth wireless technology 4.1
Standby time of 130 hours and talk up to 4 hours.
Can be used to stop or play music.
Can connect to two smartphones simultaneously.
Lightweight, only 6 grams.
Charging time is only 2 hours.
Battery 65 mAh
Comfortable to wear

Μοντέλο BS-500
Κατασκευαστής WK
Extras Talk/Music time: up to 4hrs
Εγγύηση 1 ΕΤΟΣ

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Handsfree BT WK Bingi BS-500 Black

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